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Fa-Jing Ch'uan Internal Chinese Boxing School

The Home Of The Neijia - Taijiquan, Baguazhang

Fa-jing Ch’uan Internal Chinese Boxing School was founded in 2002 by Nasser Butt - Senior Instructor and student of Erle Montaigue (Masters Degree, China). Our aim is simple: To reintroduce the destructive power of Martial Taijiquan ( Tai Chi Chuan ) as its founders intended it to be - for combat, alongside Baguazhang and Xingyiquan and other traditional Chinese Kung Fu Systems. Our methods are simple and realistic, yet, brutally effective!

Powered by fa-jing (explosive energy), the motor of the internal arts and utilising our knowledge of Dim-Mak, inherent within the system, we learn how to repeatedly attack the most vulnerable points of the human body to devastating effect!

From day one we learn about distance, timing, balance, co-ordination and natural body movement, through a myriad of single and two person drills, as well as the classical forms. We learn how to gain and develop fa-jing over a short distance, as well as how to access and utilise our reptilian brain in order to survive.

Through hard training we develop an understanding of the martial principles “hidden” behind the forms as opposed to learning “exotic” techniques, which can and will lose you fights! That's why a majority of martial artists fail against good street fighters! Techniques are for the dojo... behind every technique is an underlying principle, it is this that one needs to absorb, after which the technique becomes redundant! Most martial artists, unfortunately, never get beyond the technique!

If one understands the principles, thoroughly, then they will no longer have the need to remember techniques as the body will move instinctively and deal with the threat appropriately. By preparing the body for combat, we become healthier, physically and mentally, as well as internally and externally. This is how the legendary healing powers of Taijiquan ( Tai Chi chuan ) can be achieved.

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